Our Story

áthas is an Irish Gaelic word for joy and happiness, with complex undertones of joy through victory, sharpness and keenness. It captures the unique and nuanced ethos of achieving your own happiness and the pursuit of joy.

Our logo is áthas, in Ogham an ancient Irish alphabet that has an elegant and simplistic beauty.

The materials are hand selected and assembled with care. Each creation is part of a limited collection. Utilizing small batch production methods, slight variances in tone and shape can be expected. Making each piece individual and unique.

Owner, curator and artist Erlene Graanoogst founded áthas as an antidote to her former corporate life. Exploring the art of not being busy, led her to creating timeless and unique pieces of art.

Erlene is a curious and purpose driven adventurer. She was born on the colorful Island of Curaçao in the Caribbean, spent the majority of her life in the Netherlands and now lives in Byron Bay, Australia.

Be part of our journey as creativity will continue to emerge through exclusive collections and small batch production methods.

áthas, the only thing worth pursuing is joy